Philipp Schön Rechtsanwalt Herobild
Dr. Philipp Schön Rechtsanwalt Portrait


Born in 1981, I have been working as a lawyer since 2009. I gained experience in large international law firms as well as a transaction-oriented mid-sized law firm. Since 2015, I have been practising corporate and real estate law as a partner in a mid-sized firm.

Having studied and worked in Spain, England, and Venezuela [speaking English and Spanish fluently], I am experienced in working globally, advising foreign clients in Germany and German clients abroad.

In 2023, I launched my own law firm, working in close cooperation with two tax specialists, an arrangement enabling me to offer my clients a comprehensive service, advising on all aspects of real estate and corporate law.


Being a Bar-certified specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I provide fully comprehensive advice on all aspects of corporate law as well as on international sales contracts.

In addition, I advise on selected areas of real estate law, in particular on commercial leases and real estate transactions (asset deal/share deal; sale and lease back).

I have deep industry knowledge in the following sectors:

  • Commercial Leases/Asset Management
  • Engineering
  • Project Development
  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Advisory firms
  • Trade (wholesale and retail)
  • Medical practices and Pharmacies

My approach

I work primarily as an advisor and negotiator, dedicated to facilitating my clients’ projects, transactions and day-to-day business activities.

Clear communication, attention to detail and a practical approach define my way of working.

My clients are individuals, small, medium, and large companies from Germany and abroad.

Over the years, I have represented clients in numerous lawsuits, acquiring broad trial experience. I only advise litigation as a last resort. However, should a trial be necessary, I can draw on over a decade of litigation experience across my areas of expertise - in particular, commercial leases.

Foundational trust is key to my practice, and the bedrock of my client relationships. Therefore, I prefer not to accept an instruction if I do not believe my services will benefit the client.


I am proud that prominent clients instruct me in complex matters, including the following:

Real Estate

  • Advising several foreign embassies, inter alia on a property transaction and the negotiation of a lease agreement, concerning the embassy premises
  • Advising hotel operators on the negotiation of large-scale lease and hotel management agreements
  • Advising a project developer on retail leases with major German and international retailers
  • Advising a foundation on renting out large logistic premises
  • Advising a family office on the acquisition of commercial real estate as well as on commercial leases

Corporate / M&A

  • Sell and buy-side representation in dozens of M&A deals, with an individual deal volume of up to 20 million Euro
  • Advising various subsidiaries of foreign companies, including subsidiaries of a global petrochemical company
  • Advising family businesses on structural measures and real estate law matters, reaching individual deal volumes of up to 150 million Euro
  • Advising various investors/business angels on their investments (equity and debt)
  • Advising on cross-border mergers

Private Clients

  • Advising private clients on real estate transactions and asset protection
  • Advising on corporate succession
  • Advising on wealth planning through family partnerships
  • Advising various executives, also from stock-listed companies, on managing director and board contracts
  • Contract law advice to foreign executives (expats)

Tax Law

My day-to-day practice encompasses numerous aspects of tax law. To this end, I offer my clients seamless advice and support, in cooperation with two experienced tax specialists: Mr Robert Biebl, a lawyer specialising in tax law, and Mr Christian Schmidt, a tax advisor. This service includes both ongoing, and strategic, tax advice, including international tax law.

[Please note: Legal services agreements are established directly between the client and one of these two tax specialists.]


I am very clear with clients and potential clients where the limits of my expertise lie. Therefore, if I feel I cannot provide the quality of service a client expects, I will always communicate this promptly and recommend other colleagues.

Over the years, I have built up a reliable network of lawyers, not only in Berlin but nationwide. This applies to the following areas:

  • Public building law
  • Insolvency law
  • Construction law
  • IP and Competition law
  • Residential tenancy law and condominium law
  • IT law
  • Corporate litigation
  • Criminal law

In addition, I have long-standing working relationships with notaries, real estate agents, corporate finance specialists and technical experts across Germany as well as law firms in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, and Latin America.


Cost transparency is crucial before undertaking any arrangement and I ensure clients have a clear understanding of fee structures before work begins.

Often, a time-based fee works best for both lawyer and client. Hourly rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on complexity and volume of work required. My hourly rate begins at EUR 300 (net). I bill monthly, in units of six minutes, and provide my clients with a fully itemised breakdown of activities.

In addition to purely time-based billing, I am experienced with alternative billing models and can offer:

  • Fee estimates
  • Fee caps
  • Value-based billing
  • Fixed fee offers